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Participation from 09/23/2016 to 09/23/2016.
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You can play as many times as you like.


Article 1 - Acceptance of Regulation and of general and specific conditions:
These regulation and general conditions govern the use of the Surveys, property of the site www.xxx.yy, referred to as "the site" throughout the remainder of this document. The specific conditions for each survey are indicated on the home page of each survey. They inform on:
- the duration of the survey.
- the number of questions.
- the participation (Nominative at the end of the survey or before starting the survey, Anonymous)
- the number of participations (from 1 to +)

If a gift for thank you to participation is offered, it is indicated:

- the percentage discount or the amount in euros allocated.
- the categories of products sold on the site on which the vouchers can be used.
- the period of validity of vouchers.

The site is free to modify at any time and without notice the content of the regulation and the general and special conditions, and users are advised to refer to it regularly. The regulation and general conditions of use can be consulted on the site organizer of the survey on "Click to see rules before playing" or "Play implies acceptance of the rules", in the survey banner.
The conditions specific to each survey are stated on the home page of each survey and precede the start of the questionnaire.
Any participation in the survey implies the full acceptance of the rules, the general conditions of use and the specific conditions to each survey.

Article 2 - Description of the survey and conditions of participation:
The Company XXX organizes surveys in the form of Quiz on its site.

Participation in certain surveys is rewarded: with a voucher for an order or any other gift related to an order obligation or not.
Some surveys may not be rewarded, in which case no gift will be distributed.
The participation, according to the surveys, can be either strictly nominative or anonymous, it is in any case indicated on the homepage of the survey.
The number of participations depends on the surveys and is also indicated on the homepage of the survey.
Participation in the survey is done exclusively on the Internet on the site, no other mode of participation will be taken into account.

Article 3 - Access to the service, identification or registration:
To participate in the survey, simply visit the site and click on the banner Quiz. Instructions to participate are listed on each page.

Option 1: To be able to start answering questions, identification for those who already have a customer account or registration on the site for the others are mandatory.
Option 2: Identification for those who already have a client account or registration on the site for the other participants is not mandatory at the beginning of the questionnaire. They are only requested at the time of final validation.
Option 3: No identification is required.
Registration for newcomers is free and requires no purchase.

Surveys that do not require identification are generally not rewarded. But if this was the case, participants should note the voucher code on the results page.
If this was not done, there is no way to retrieve this code, the participation having been completely anonymous, the reward would be lost.
If the participant has a customer account and was logged in at the time of the survey, then the voucher will be in his My account space, in the vouchers.

Article 4 - Principle of Survey
The principle of the survey is to answer the questions asked by choosing from a list of multiple choice answers. Instructions for playing are indicated as and when each participant responds.
If the number of answers is not indicated, this means only one answer is necessary to the question, otherwise the minimum and maximum answer numbers are indicated under the question.
Article 5 - Gifts for participation in the Survey.
Option 1: This survey is a no-gift questionnaire.
Option 2: This survey allows the participant to win a gift (voucher or other) in thanks for his participation, as specified on the homepage of the Survey.

Article 6 - Terms of use of the winnings.
Option 1: When the participant arrives on the last page of the survey questionnaire, the thank-you gift he has earned for his participation is indicated to him as specified on the home page of the survey.
Option 2: The participant must identify himself in order for his participation to be taken into account, the thank-you gift that he has earned for his or her participation is indicated on the last page of the survey questionnaire as specified on the home page of the survey.
Option 3: Participant did not need to identify themselves for participation. If his participation entitles him to a voucher, the code will appear, and it is imperative to note it  if the entire survey was carried out anonymously (see Article 3).

Any vouchers won as gifts can be used at the choice of the participant, immediately or later, its validity period is communicated on the homepage of the Survey and recalled on its account. (Option: It is not cumulative with other offers, vouchers and promotions in progress and applies only to a single order, as specified in the restrictions appearing on the survey homepage).
To use it, it is enough that the customer indicates his code reduction when validating the shopping cart of his order.

Article 7 - Personal data:
The personal data collected are used only to identify the participants.
In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of 6 January 1978 as amended, participants have the right to object, to access, to modify, to rectify and remove the personal information concerning them. They can exercise this right on simple request in the "Contact" section of the site.
Article 8 - Liability:

The site can not be held liable if, for whatever reason, it was obliged to cancel, shorten, extend, postpone or modify a survey.
The site can not be held responsible for any incidents related to telephone and / or network disruptions, the use of the Internet and equipment used by each participant, power outages preventing a participant from participating in the Operation before the deadline for each survey indicated on the home page of each Survey.
None of these grounds may constitute a right of indemnification for the participants.
The methods of awarding a gift as a thank you for participating in the survey are the same for all. No claim or contestation will be possible.
Any difficulty in interpreting or applying these rules will be arbitrated without appeal by the site.

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